The Amazing Dr. Flux

Dr. Flux Triptych © Leland Bobbé

I recently saw a snapshot of Dr. Flux on Facebook in his half woman half man persona and immediately got in touch with him to see what we could do together in the studio. He brought some costuming but we decided to go for the stripped down approach to really emphasize the message.  I shot the profiles to possibly use next to each other and while we were editing Flux suggested looking at the full nude shot in between the individual profiles and this is the result. Below is the tighter single that we liked best. I’ll go out on a limb and predict some contest wins down the road.

Dr. Flux © Leland Bobbé

3 Responses to “The Amazing Dr. Flux”

  1. Lycere Cunningham says:

    I love this whole half-man / half-woman theme here. Dr. Flux looks incredible. You should check out Dr. Flux’s friend Fyodor Pavlov and make him up as a girl for a photoshoot. He’s not as effete-looking as he used to be, but in the past he was easily one of the most feminine-looking boys I’d ever seen, just absolutely glorious. Someone really needs to force him into a dress and full make up while there’s still time, I can’t help but think it would be extremely stunning. 😀

  2. Ian Summers says:

    When I was somewhere between 10 & 12, my father would take me to Hubert’s Flea Circus on West 42nd Street which was in the bowels of a magic shop. Hubert had some awesome acts, including the fabulous Albert/Alberta. He and she would give a short talk. “On my right side, I am a complete and total male.” Using a deep male voice. On my left side, I am a complete and total female.” Using a falsetto. He and she would unbutton his and her shirt just a little bit as a tease exposing a few inches under his chin. Only one side appeared to have chest hair. The crowd was invited to step behind the curtain for a full view of Albert/Alberta. Hot stuff. One side of her body was shaven and the other was not. I just found a photograph of Albert/Alberta by Lisette Model taken in 1945. Notice his/her legs. Dr, Flux is way more believable. I always like coming back to your site after a few months to see where you have been. Best regards.

  3. […] a photo of Dr. Flux, one of the male acts, on Facebook dressed half as a man and half as a woman. A photoshoot with Dr. Flux planted the initial seed of inspiration, but it wasn’t until an industry party with drag queens […]

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