Half-Drag From Italian Vogue to ABC News

All images © Leland Bobbé

This is what the term “gone viral” is all about. Every time my project appears on a blog, website or an online magazine I get contacted by others, or it just pops up on it’s own. In this case I was contacted by ABCnews.com as a result of Italian Vogue. In the past month my Half-Drag has appeared on over 50 sites all around the world (that I know of) with new ones popping up every day. This project is really resonating with people!

6 Responses to “Half-Drag From Italian Vogue to ABC News”

  1. Angie says:

    Will you release a photobook of these beautiful images? <3

  2. leland says:

    I hope to. thanks for your comment.

  3. Sarat says:

    I saw these images on mainstream Italian news websites! So cool 🙂

  4. Jeanmarie Trice says:

    The most beautiful features IN every single picture, is each individual’s eyes. It has been said by”many”people,that the eyes are the windows of our soul.I see so much peace and contentment and each man is complete in his own mind,body,soul and spirit.”If”only each person that has made a derogatory comment towards anyone…can see the beauty that you are sharing with us tonight. Thank you for these beautiful photographs. Please tell each man that you photograph they have opened up their hearts and homes to the entire population of this earth and this indeed does take a lot of courage and best of all…honesty and love.

  5. leland says:

    jeanmarie thank you for your lovely comment. i am going to post this to my facebook page!

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