Art of The Times

© Leland Bobbé

This is an article about me and my work in Art of the Times. To see the actual article just scroll down to the 6th window.

Diverse NYC Faces

© Leland Bobbé

Another from my series of diverse NYC faces for Getty Images. This is artist Derek Wade.

Diverse New York City Faces


© Leland Bobbé

For the past few months I have been working closely with Sarah Foster, the senior manager of creative content ay Getty Images creating a collection of studio portraits that represents the diversity of people in NYC. We cast close to 50 people and have so far shot 25. From time to time I’ll be posting the images to my blog. I’ve been shooting for Getty for over 20 years and so far this has by far been my favorite project. It’s right in my wheel house. Above is native New Yorker and actor, Spawn.

Rights Managed Sales Live!

© Leland Bobbé

In recent years the landscape of stock photography has changed dramatically.  Most stock agencies have turned to royalty free as their default business model and as a result its very hard to make consistent high dollar stock sales. Great for the client bad for the photographer. I just had two MAJOR rights managed sales of this shot through Getty Images to the same client for pharmaceutical usage one for print advertising and one for online use.  I spotted these twins at an upstate NY fair years ago and they agreed to pose for a portrait. It just shows that it’s best to rely on your instincts.

Interview in JustLuxe

Complete Satisfaction © Leland Bobbé

My recent interview in JustLuxe.

Interview in AXS

Please check out my recent interview in AXS an online publication focusing on music and the arts.

Boys and Clown at Rodeo


© Leland Bobbé

© Leland Bobbé

I shot this in  upstate NY at an outdoor rodeo just before these twins sang the national anthem. Such a weird juxtaposition. This was shot on film and processed in Photoshop and Topaz software. I believe this was shot with a 14mm fisheye lens. I’d check but i sold the lens a few years ago. I really like this one . . .

Texas Cop

© Leland Bobbé

© Leland Bobbé

About 10 years ago I went on  road trip through Texas and found this cop at a roadside fast food burger joint. I fought off my intimidation and asked him if I could snap a portrait of him. I recently rediscovered the image and started to play around with converting it to black and white. Using 3 types of Topaz software this is what I came up with. I like this version much better than the color.

Interview in Dohdo Photography Magazine


A good interview (with images) with your’s truly just came out in Dohdo Magazine, a great photography magazine out of Barcelona. Please check it out.

Instagram Takeover at The New Republic


© Leland Bobbé

Little Brooklyn © Leland Bobbé

I have been asked by Stephanie Heimann, the senior photo editor at The New Republic to take over their Instagram feed for one week starting tomorrow 4/30 through the following Friday and post two of my Neo-Burlesque portraits per day. Their one request . . . not too much skin. They can be found on Instagram as @newrepublic