New York City Wall Art

Torn Face © Leland Bobbé

From the walls of New York City.

Half-Drag in Dirty Diary

All Images © Leland Bobbé

Half-Drag maks it into Dirty Diary a very cool art, fashion, design entertainment and culture blog.

Half-Drag – RTL TV Germany

Miss Fame © Leland Bobb

This is my Half-Drag shot of Miss Fame that I did while being filmed for RTL, one of Germany’s biggest TV stations this past Thursday. In addition to shoot I was interviewed about my project and all things Half-Drag related. They did he whole edit the next day and the piece was aired in Germany on Saturday 9/1.


Half-Drag in Stern Magazine

All Images © Leland Bobbé

Germany loves Half-Drag. Yesterday Stern Magazine published this on the same day I was filmed doing a Half-Drag shoot by RTL Television, Germany’s biggest TV station.


Half-Drag on Sundance

All Images © Leland Bobbé

My Half-Drag hits the website of the Sundance Channel with a very good article written by Paul Ohan.

Half-Drag on Yahoo Brazil

All Images © Leland Bobbé

They can’t get enough of Half-Drag in Brazil . . .

Half-Drag – BBC Brazil

All Images © Leland Bobbé

Half-Drag on BBC Brazil. How’s your Portugese?


New Portrait – Martina Markota

Martina Markota - Leland Bobbé

This is my new portrait of performance artist, alchemist Martina Markota. Martina sent me a friend request on Facebook after she saw my Half-Drag Portait of her friend Miss Fame.I looked through her photos and was struck by her interesting and beautiful face. I asked her if we could do a portrait and this was the result. I liked it so much I just used it on a new promo piece.

Half-Drag in Amica

All Photos © Leland Bobbé

Half-Drag . . . A Different Kind of Beauuty in Amica, the German Fashion Magazine.

Half-Drag in Hyperallergic

All Images © Leland Bobbé

This is a very well done and well written article and interview with me about my Half-Drag project. Hyperallergic is a forum for “serious playful and radical thinking which combines the best of art blog and magazine culture. Read and enjoy.