Rights Managed Sales Live!

© Leland Bobbé

In recent years the landscape of stock photography has changed dramatically.  Most stock agencies have turned to royalty free as their default business model and as a result its very hard to make consistent high dollar stock sales. Great for the client bad for the photographer. I just had two MAJOR rights managed sales of this shot through Getty Images to the same client for pharmaceutical usage one for print advertising and one for online use.  I spotted these twins at an upstate NY fair years ago and they agreed to pose for a portrait. It just shows that it’s best to rely on your instincts.

Street Photography Exhibit

Black Swan © Leland Bobbé

My image titled Black Swan was one of the  images curated into Fabrik’s 2017 On The Street Photography Competition and will be shown at Fathom Gallery in LA as part of a larger show titled Present But Not Involved, an exhibition of Street Photography. This show will be showing works of over 60 street photographers with images dating back to 1897 through 2017. The show illustrates the evolution in photographic style and technique from the inception of  street photography. April 29-May 27.

Interview in JustLuxe

Complete Satisfaction © Leland Bobbé

My recent interview in JustLuxe.

Interview in AXS

Please check out my recent interview in AXS an online publication focusing on music and the arts.

International Color Awards Winner

© Leland Bobbé

My image titled Sleeping Family was judged a winner in the 2017 International Awards Competition. This image is from my Underground NYC project and was shot on Thanksgiving evening of a family coming home from the float inflating event that happens every year. It was shot on my iPhone 6 and processed with Snapseed. One of those beautiful moments.

Snow Day NYC


© Leland Bobbé

Snow Day in New York City. The flatiron building. Classic NYC.

Underground NYC


© Leland Bobbé


Another from my Underground NYC series . . .

Winter Trees

©Leland Bobbé

The trees speak for themselves.

Times Square Pre-Renovation


© Leland Bobbé


This shot was taken around 1990 when 42nd street was shut down to get ready for it’s renovation. Before they actually  began the facelift they painted all the buildings these bright colors. It only looked like this for a relatively short time. Next came the Las Disney that it is today.

Red Dress

© Leland Bobbé

I shot this a few years ago at Grand Central Station and forgot all about it until I was looking through a folder on my computer of street photos. This time around it really struck me. A great subject with beautiful light and shadow . . .